About me

Hey, I am Bára, I'm a photographer, based in Prague and this is shop with all my products I am doing for you guys. The rest of the things is the sacred secret. I do nude/erotic books for women. I love to take dirty pictures of girls and I enjoy censoring them with my shitty drawings. I love printed pictures, books and all these beautiful paper things. That's why I do what i do. Real shit, not pictures for displays. 

My whole name is Barbora Lazarczykova. You can call me Bára, but Barbora Lazarczykova is name what my parents gave me. People keep messing it up, so if you write it right, I will respect you and love you forever. haha

See more of my photos at www.barboralazarczykova.com and follow me on Instagram to see my new objects of fun. 

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